We have a variety of balsam fir products...


Christmas Trees

New Ross is a very busy spot in November and December each year, as it is a great area for growing balsam fir Christmas trees. Lunenburg County is actually the "Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World". Our Christmas trees are naturally grown, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. We also shear the trees and carry out all of the maintenance ourselves. Individual orders, as well as wholesale orders are welcome, contact us for details.



Every year, we make hundreds of balsam fir wreaths. We cut, collect, and snip the brush ourselves. A locally produced wire ring forms the base/centre of each wreath. Then, with the help of a specialized machine, wire is wrapped around bundles of brush to attach the bundles to the wire ring. The finished product is a gorgeous double sided balsam fir wreath! They come in all sizes, from 10" to 60" in diameter. Individual orders, as well as wholesale orders are welcome, contact us for details.


Annual New Ross Christmas Festival

Our farm has participated in the annual New Ross Christmas Festival for more than 20 years! On the festival weekend a team of horses and a wagon will take you on a lovely ride back into the tree lot, where you can pick out your own tree. You can cut the tree yourself, or have one of our team members cut it for you! We will mark and transport your tree back to our yard to have it tied up in order to easily maneuver it on/in your car and into your house. 


You are welcome to attend our Christmas tree u-pick on other weekends in November and December. Please feel free to contact us anytime to make sure we are available to help you get your tree!