DOB: October 11th 2020

COLOUR: Black and Cream

WEIGHT: 10-11 lbs

Pippa is the toughest little Dachshund there ever was! Pippa comes from the United States. She is AKC and CKC registered.


DOB: December 24th 2020


WEIGHT: 11-12 lbs

Louie is an excitable, playful, and very athletic dog. He enjoys outdoor time regardless of the weather, and especially loves coming on ATV trail days. Louie's sweetheart personality shines through when he lovingly cleans his puppies. Louie is originally from Ontario and comes from a mix of show and working lines. Louie has a medium-low working drive. 

Planned Litters

Ruby/Louie expecting a litter April 2022


Isabel Hackney

I am a small in-home breeder of quality Australian Shepherds. A lifetime love for dogs has been fine tuned to a strong passion for breeding Australian Shepherds. Living on a farm with acreage has enabled me to pursue my passion for owning, training, working, and breeding dogs. Puppies are raised in-home with a focus on socialization and experiential learning.

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