All of our animals are free-range, and naturally grown without the use of hormones. 

We raise all of the animals ourselves, and are very passionate about our farm business. This means that we are involved in every step of the animal's life, in most cases right from birth to the time they reach your table!


Our diverse herd includes a variety of beef breeds such as: Charolais, Hereford, and Limousin cows. In addition to being free-range, our cattle are also grass-fed, grazing on our pastures in the summer and munching on hay and silage during the winter. 


We raise Landrace pigs, and find that they fit in well with our terrain and meat production needs. We have a large boar, and several sows enabling us to produce pork year-round. Our pigs are free-range, and are also supplemented with a 100% grain and vegetable feed. 

Meat Birds

We start raising young meat birds early in the spring, and then grow them outside in moveable pens to allow them access to grass, insects, and dirt. They are also fed a 100% grain and vegetable feed. 


North Country Cheviots make up the majority of our sheep flock, with a handsome purebred North Country Cheviot ram. There are also a few cross-breeds in the mix. All of our sheep are free-range and grass-fed.    

Laying Hens

Our hens are all free-range, with open access to the outdoors during the summer in order to forage for grass, insects, and dirt. During the winter they are kept in a greenhouse-style building which allows for the maximum amount of natural lighting and ventilation. The hens are fed a 100% grain and vegetable feed.



We raise turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Similar to the chickens, they are grown in pens with access to the outdoors, and are fed a 100% grain and vegetable feed.