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Federal Egg Grading Station N-12

Small Farm Friendly!

Rocky Top Farm established Federal Egg Grading Station N-12 in 2013, which is

certified by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). Located on our farm in New Ross, this is where we process all of the eggs we market across the province each week.

We are also proud to offer a custom egg grading service to other producers!

Interested in purchasing eggs on a wholesale level for your retail store, bakery, restaurant, or other location? 

We deliver eggs across Nova Scotia three days per week.

Click below to contact us for details.










Egg candling

First, the eggs are loaded on the cross-loader which conveys the eggs into the candler. We do a visual check during this process and remove obvious misfits. Stepping into the curtained egg candling area enables us to see through the shells and identify cracks and other imperfections which cannot be seen with the naked eye. All imperfect eggs are removed during this process.

Egg grading

Second, the eggs are conveyed through the wash area where a combination of hot water and rotating brushes ensures the eggs are free from debris and manure. High velocity fans then dry the eggs as they continue to pass through the system.

Egg weigh scale

Third, the eggs pass over a pair of tiny load cells which weigh each and every egg individually. The system interprets the information from the load cells and decides which section the egg needs to be kicked out into. Each size category has a separate section on the packing belt. 

Egg cartons

Finally, the eggs are packed into either dozen cartons (12 eggs) or flats which hold two and a half dozen (30 eggs). A vacuum packing mechanism enables us to pick up 12 eggs at once, making the packing process very efficient. 

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