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DOB: October 11th 2020

COLOUR: Black and Cream

WEIGHT: 10-11 lbs

Pippa is the toughest little Dachshund there ever was! She loves to bark, snuggle, and boss around the other dogs. Pippa has a huge personality and is very intelligent. Raw beef bones are her favourite treat! Pippa comes from the United States. She is AKC and CKC registered.


DOB: December 24th 2020


WEIGHT: 11-12 lbs

Odin is a very sweet, calm, and affectionate little boy. He loves to run and play outside, but is very pleased to snuggle on your lap for hours. Odin is a follower, and happily lets Pippa take the lead in most situations. He absolutely loves attention and is very polite and friendly when meeting new people. Odin is originally from South Africa and is FCI and CKC registered.

Planned Litters

Pippa x Odin litter due March 2024.

Nova x Odin litter planned for summer 2024.

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Isabel Hackney

My passion for breeding Australian Shepherds has evolved and I am now developing a small Miniature Longhaired Dachshund breeding program. Pippa and Odin originate from quality imported lines and have happily joined my pack. Much the same as my Australian Shepherd litters, these puppies will be raised in-home with a focus on socialization and experiential learning.

Would you like to read about the experiences of families with puppies from my Australian Shepherd litters? Click below to check out the testimonials page.

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